Study Materials

If you are looking for Bible Study materials from a free grace perspective then you’ve come to the right place. Pastor JB has put together three Bible study resources that you can trust to provide you with accurate teaching from a historical, literal, and grammatical interpretation of scripture. Each resource offers student and teacher editions that will allow you to study on your own as well as teach the materials to others. It is our prayer that you will use these resources to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. If you would like to order materials please contact Bryan James, Executive Pastor (405.564.5794) or pay online using secure Pushpay! Click here for free downloadable materials.

JB Bond
4:12 Foundations

The 4:12 Foundations course provides small group instruction in a unique atmosphere of encouragement and accountability. Covering basic truths such as The Gospel Message, Discipleship, Bible Study, and more, this 4:12 course will help the student understand foundational truths from scripture and acquire fundamental skills that will help them grow in their faith and their ability to impact others for Jesus Christ. This workbook contains a handouts section that can be photocopied free of charge and that includes: Memory Verse List, Bible Study Sheets, How to Present the Gospel, and a Bible Study Methods reference sheet.

The 4:12 Foundations Study is available in:

Student Edition – $15.00
Teacher Edition – $20.00

JB Bond
4:12 Discipline for Godliness

The 4:12 Discipline for Godliness study course is based on the challenge found in 1 Timothy 4:7 and is written to encouraging men to discipline themselves for the purpose of godliness. Godliness does not happen automatically, especially in an fallen world filled with unbelievers and believers who are not pursuing a vibrant relationship with Christ. Pastor JB has frequently said “If we are not consciously being transformed by the Word of God we will unconsciously be conformed to the world around us”. This study was designed to help the student develop the discipline in various aspects of life, including: relationships to self, family, God, and the church.

The 4:12 Discipline For Godliness Study is available in:

Student Edition – $15.00
Teacher Edition – $20.00

2:2 Workbook
2:2 Discipleship Training

The 2:2 Discipleship Training course is based on 2 Timothy 2:2 wherein is God’s plan for discipleship. The “2:2 Study” is a 28 week course that covers a broad range of theological, historical, and practical topics including: The Bible, Salvation, End Times, God, Man, The Church, and more. The study was designed to train students to be ready to teach biblical truth to others so the workbook includes a number of addition resource, including: reading lists, illustrations, timelines, and more.

This course is available online in both audio and video formats so order your workbook and start learning today!

The 2:2 Discipleship Study is available in:

Student Edition $18.00
Teacher Edition $25.00